Vânia Rovisco performer and dancer, creator of installations and durational pieces through which explores and updates relational processes.

With a work strongly anchored in research and consequent creation of a procedural embodiment, made for, working with the public manufacturing experiences mediated spatial modeling, temporal and perceptual. To this end uses the simple articulation of meaning devices such as wording, the formal hybridity, the cadence and articulation of time, the use of inherited geometries of choreography’s use for affirmation or disruption of social standardization, such entries and projections are displayed on the body and modes.

Bringing the performative work towards the geography of affections and relations (framing, accelerating, intensifying the bodies), including it in the gallery space – requiring therefore a recasting of the guidelines, expectations and involvement, turning the public into a co-creator attainingr singular experience, mediator of the results, and living document of the process.

Considering as centered reference the body as meaning agent, embodiment as a result and co-creation (social, subjective or intimate), Vânia Rovisco makes these an operating resource and power generator of her work. The first assumes the conduct of time, the states of things and processes, the second expresses points, highlights and combines all (speed, genders, genres, moods, tenses, affections) that a body is, all in which continuously manifetate through how and what experience is portrayed..

Thus presenting vast sets of pieces that cover her research spectrum and recent works as: video installations, performance as a live installation, installation, music and performance. In all a common denominator prevails: the production of meaning as an encounter between and departing from bodies/movement.


Pieces | Projects

  • Artistic direction and media concept for the final works of the students Master in Interior Design from Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Oporto, presenting Portugal in the Milan Triennial, O Objecto Reinventado curated by Maria Milano (2016)

  • REACTING TO TIME, portugueses na performance Museum Arpad Szenes Vieira da Silva Lisbon; Centro dos Assuntos da Arte e Arquitectura Guimarães; Cooperativa de Comunicação e Cultura Torres Vedras / Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras Torres Vedras; Centro Negra Blanca (ES) Companhia Instável/Teatro de Campo Alegre Oporto Arquipélago Centro das Artes Contemporâneas São Miguel, Azores (2015) Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra – CAPC Coimbra Festival Cumplicidades Lisbon (2016)
  • Silo de carros e estradas giratórias project MARGENS, Festival TODOS Lisbon (2014)

  • The Archaic, Looking Out, The Night Knight, solo work,  Cine-Teatro de Torres Vedras Torres Vedras Teatro Académico de Gil Vincente Coimbra (2013) Artedanté Théàtre de Vanves Paris (2014) Festival Cumplicidades Lisbon (2015) In Between Festival Wroclow (2016)

Live Installation

  • mastercell (because we are many) O Armário Lisbon (2016)
  • Totem Grace BREGAS Lisbon (2016)

  • The wall the ATTIC, Embaixada Lisbon (2014) BREGAS Lisbon (2016)
  • é à margem mas faz parte dela Museum Arpad Szenes Vieira da Silva Lisbon (2014)
  • Escrita Intima Museum Arpad Szenes Vieira da Silva Lisbon (2014)

  • Looking Out Maus Hábitos Oporto (2014)

  • wondering act of attachment Teatro Pradillo Madrid (2014)

  • No title of animality Centro Negra Blanca (ES); Edificio AXA Oporto; Bergheim Berlin (2013)

  • Looking Out Galeria da Boavista Lisbon (2012)

  • no title of objectivity Galeria Boa Vista Lisbon (2012)

  • wandering act of attachment Performing Proximity, Vienna Art Week, Galeria Glockengasse No9 Viena (2011)

  • wasser zu lassen Extensions Exhibition in LEAP Gallery Berlin (2011)

  • AADK Tanz im August Berlin (2010)

  • Within given time Gallery Tuka Munga Ljubljana (SL) (2010)

  • pulling at forces Galeria Zé dos Bois Lisbon (2009)

  • Impure, Thoughts, Looking – a trilogy Galerie Tristesse deluxe Berlin (2009)

  • Bridge on a Wall – A Process Galeria Tristesse deluxe Berlin (2008)
  • approach and enter Galerie Tristesse deluxe Berlin (2008)


  • Centro e Fuga with Manoel Barbosa, António Olaio Barardo Collection Museum Lisbon (2016)
  • No title of nobody with Romeu Runa BREGAS Lisbon (2016)

  • No title of animality Museum Arpad Szenes Vieira da Silva Lisbon (2014)

  • no title of animality Implantieren auf Naxos Naxoshalle Frankfurt (2013)

  • Artist in appearance Haus Schwarzenberg Eschschloraque Bar Berlin (2011)

  • woman on work Podevil, Tanz im August Berlin (2011)
  • As Above, So Below, spacial compositional act Festival Rough Cuts, Platform Surai Frankfurt; Mica Moca Berlin (2011)

  • Juxtaposition Frosch, Thomas Lehman Studio Berlin (2007)


  • The Best. The Worst. My Everything by dance critic Irmela Kästner K3 Tanzplan, Kampnagel Hamburg (2015)
  • Improvisação Aquática Vera Mantero and guests, Culturgest, Lisbon (2014)

  • Set New Beginnings Baila Louca, Rotterdam Schouwburg Rotterdam (2013)

  • Postponed Project AADKunexpected, Uferstudios Berlin (2010) Colombier Paris (2012)

  • The State of Things Sophiensaale Berlin (2011)

  • I am Yours Festival Tanzpanorama Frankfurt; Schwelle 7 Berlin; Neurotitan Galerie Berlin; Çati Istanbul (2010)

  • The State of Things – 12 hour state Uferstudios Berlin (2010)

  • Audio Sabotative Krome Gallery Berlin (2009)

  • The Graces White Rabbit Club Berlin (2009)

  • The Black Hold Fountain D.K.C. Rotterdam (2009)

  • Still they are able Neurotitan Galerie Berlin (2009)

  • Orientation Frequency 5th Berlin Biennial Berlin, Galerie Tristesse deluxe Berlin (2008)

  • No Title but Layers Centrum Buda Kortrijk (BE) (2007)

Music Performance (Horn & Kaos Pad)

  • Body and Sound the ATTIC, Embaixada Lisbon (2014)
  • Stupid Green Bergheim Berlin; Ausland Berlin (2013)
  • Fonction Operatoire Migration, Mica Moca Berlin; Galerie Supermarkt Berlin (2011);  Teatro Aberto Lisbon (2012)
  • the art project Stupid Green Roter Salon Volksbühne Berlin (2006); x-Wohnung, HAU Berlin (2009); Beursschoubourg Brussells (2010)

Movement Direction

  • Origem das espécies by Carla Maciel Teatro Nacional D.Maria Lisbon (2016)
  • Abstenção by João Brites O Bando Palmela (2015)
  • Macbain by Gonçalo Waddington Teatro Maria Matos Lisbon (2013)

  • Um espectáculo para os meus compatriotas by Gonçalo Amorim and Rui Pina Coelho O Negócio, Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisbon (2012)

  • Afinal ainda não é o fim by João Brites O Bando, Palmela (PT) (2012)

  • O Jogador by Gonçalo Amorim Teatro São Luís Lisbon (2011)

  • A Noite by João Brites O Bando, Teatro Nacional D. Maria Lisbon (2009)

  • A Mãe by Gonçalo Amorim Culturgest Lisbon (2009)

  • Ar O Bando Palmela (PT) (2008)

  • Rumor Clandestino by Gonçalo Amorim O Bando Palmela (2008)

  • Peça Alter Nativa by António Simão Centro Pedagógico do Centro Cultural de Belém Lisbon (2007)

Video work

  • Compositional Intertwined Act (2014)

  • performance no title (2014)

  • dragging weight (2010)

  • pulling at forces (2010)

  • Bare me (2010)

  • Cause and Consequence (2010)

  • Untitled in silence (2010)

  • Schube Karre und Vibratoren (live editing) (2008)

  • Talking legs (2008)

  • Dancing Hands (2008)

  • Between space and places (2007)

  • Paaleistraat 2.1. (2007)

Curatorial Events

  • the ATTIC Embaixada Lisbon  (2014)

  • Vieira em Festa Meseum Arpad Szenes e Vieira da Silva Lisbon (2014, 2015)
  • Centenário da Helena Vieira da Silva Museum Arpad Szenes e Vieira da Silva Lisbon (2013)
  • Demimonde na Galeria Boavista Galeria da Boavista Lisbon  (2013)
  • Ora Bolas, Há Espaço, Vamos Usá-lo Galeria da Boavista Lisbon (2012)
  • A Process Galeria da Boavista Lisbon (2012)
  • Tanz Punkt Cracks Mica Moca Berlin (2011)

  • AADKunexpected various venues Berlin (2011)

  • AADKdissected various venues Berlin (2012) 

Artistic Residencies

  • REACTING TO TIME, portugueses na performance O Espaço do Tempo Montemor o Novo (PT) (2014)

  • The Archaic, Looking Out, The Night Knight EDIFÍCIO – Forum Dança / O Rumo do Fumo – DÉPARTS Lisbon (2012)

  • As Above So Below Les Bains Connective Brussells (2010)


Performer | Dancer

  • THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH curated by Anna Wagner, Eike Wittrock, INFLAMÁVEL directed by Meg Stuart Sommerfest Kampnagel Hamburg; Mousonturm Frankfurt; Sophiensaela Berlin; Theatre Nannterre-Amandiers Paris; Schauspielhaus Munich (2016) 
  • Esplendido by Andresa Soares Teatro Cornucópia Lisbon (2014); Festival GUIDANCE Guimarães (2015)
  • We need to move urgently Filiz Silani, Mustafa Kaplan – Taldans, Festival Made in Potsdam Potsdam (GR) (2014)
  • Europa by Miguel Moreira, Romeu Runa, Guimarães Capital da Cultura Fabrica ASA; Elementary schools 2º e 3º Ciclo das Caldas das Taipas Guimarães (2012)

  • Bliss by Mala Kline Esterna Electrana Ljubljana (2010)

  • Primero – Echt by Lissi Estarás Les Ballets C de la B, Théâtre Les Tanneurs Brusselles (2010)

  • BurkaBondage by Helena Waldmann Berliner Festspielhaus Berlin (2009); India, Sri Lanka (2009)

  • I was there by Abraham Hurtado, Mercat des Flores Barcelona; Temps d’Image, Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon (2007)

  • A Song from down under by Sam Louwyck Brugge Capital of Culture Brugge; Pequeno Auditório, Centro Cultural de Belém Lisbon (2004)

  • Schcribe Stuck by Thomas Lehman Podevil Berlin; Geneve, (2003)

  • Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods (2001 – 2007) Alibi Schauspielhaus Zurich (2001); Visitors Only Schauspielhaus Zurich (2003); Replacement Volksbuhne Berlin (2006); It’s not funny Volksbuhne Berlin (2007); Improvisation projects: Revisited Time Festival Gent (2005); Impressions Istanbul Garage Istanbul (2008); Auf den Tisch Performa09 New York (2009) 

  • Kiss the Future by Filipe Viegas Sensesurround Lisbon (2000)


  • CALICO MINGLING remake of Lucinda Childs by Vera Mantero, Garden Palácio das Galveias Lisbon (2014)

  • Na Rua by Miguel Moreira Guimarães Capital of Cultura Guimarães (2012)

  • Aufladetechnische Konferenz Volksbuhne Berlin (2009)

  • Welcome to Europe by Abraham Hurtado AADK Private Berlin (2008)

  • Gina by Miguel Moreira Festival Infantil de Almada Almada (PT) (2007)

  • Gordon Monahan and Theremin in the Rain Concert Performance National Hamburger Bahnhof Gallery Berlin (2005)

  • Belgium rock band Vive la Fete with Sam Louwyck, various main Belgium Summer Festivals Belgium (2004)

Film (interpreter)

  • Dédale by Pierre Coulibeuf (2009)
  • Milk by Julien Rosefeldt (2007)
  • I was there by Abraham Hurtado (2007)
  • Anyway the wind blows by Tom Barman (2003)

Artistic Residencies in collaboration

  • HABAS with Abraham Hurtado, Jochen Arbeit Casa-Atelier, Museum Arpad Szenes Vieira da Silva Lisbon (2014)
  • HABAS with Abraham Hurtado Centro Negra Blanca (SP) (2013)
  • The State of Things with Maria F. Scaroni Lukas KunstlerHaus Ahrenshoop (GR) (2010); Guest Room Maribor Slovenia (2011)
  • Postponed Project with Thierry Decottignies, Abraham Hurtado and Lígia Soares Potsdam Fabrik Potsdam (GR) (2010)

Workshops (as mentor)

  • In Between Festivals Kontury Kultury Wroclow (2016)

  • Advanced Formation in Intrepertation and Choregraphic Creation Companhia Instável Oporto (2014, 2016)
  • FATAL – University Theater Festival University of Lisbon (2014)
  • NUPIC Community Center 3rd generation Bairro da Horta Nova Lisbon (2013, 2014)

  • INFICT – University Theater Grupo Teatro of Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon (2013, 2014)

  • N.E.C. – Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica Edíficio AXA Oporto (2013)

  • PEPCC – Programa de estudo, pesquisa e criação coreográfica Forum Dança Lisbon (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Demimonde AADK Portugal Lisbon (2012)

  • 1st year students Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt (2011)
  • P.O.R.C.H. / Ponderosa Stolzenhagen (GR) (2010, 2011)
  • ÇAti Istanbul (2010)
  • Forum Dança Lisbon (2006)
  • Radial System 5 Berlin (2006)
  • STRUT dance Perth (AUS) (2004)
  • Tanz Haus Zurich (2003)

Conferences (speaker | performer)

  • International Simposium Of Portuguese Performative Arts Barardo Collection Museum Lisbon (2016)
  • Nomadic Seminares Performance Studies with Verónica Metello Zaratan- Arte Contemporânea Lisbon (2016)

  • The Bodies we are – a speculation on the utopian body master research in choreographic studies by Antje Velsinger K3 Tanzplan Kampnagel Hamburg (2016)
  • My Process conference performance No title of animality invited guest speakers António Olaio, Guida Marques Festival Cumplicidades Lisbon (2016)
  • From Performance to Actionism Russofonia Casa Zeca Afonso Lisbon (2016)


  • Orientation and coaching performance Manifesto Silencioso organized by Teresa Costa Faculdade de Letras, Univercity of Lisbon (2015)
  • Video HABAS co-authorship Abraham Hurtado, Jochen Arbeit, exhibition “20 ANOS” Museum Arpad Szenes Vieira da Silva Lisbon (2014)
  • Written contribution to the project Photomusée de la Danse by Tim Etchells and Noamie Solomon (2012)

  • Mold model for sculptress Berlinda de Bryckere Belgium (2010)


  • Guest student at Ex.e.r.c.e. Centre choregráphique nacional de Montepellier (2001)
  • Curso para Interpretes de Dança Contemporânea do Forum Dança, Lisbon (1998 -2000). Final presetation with choreographers António Carrallo in Dancing Queen and Wil Swanson in Silent Adagios Pequeno Auditório Centro Cultural de Belém Lisbon (2001)

  • IV Encontros Internacionais de Dança Danças na Cidade Lisbon (2000)
  • Workshop directed by Ana Popoulis Eira Lisbon (1997)
  • Workshop directed by Will Swanson Lisbon (1997)
  • I Encontros de Dança da Faculdade Motricidade Humana, Univercity of Lisbon (1996)

  • Attended the 1st year of the course Dance of the Faculdade Motricidade Humana Univercity of Lisbon (1995-1996)

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