I am Yours | Norbert Pape & Vânia Rovisco (2010 – 2011)


As suggested in the title, I am Yours creates multiple relational dynamics between the performers and visitors. Acting within both visual and performative spheres,  the work to is allowes compose itself (in space, time and intensity) in relationship to the presence of audience members. The complexity of relations and their physical expression invites intimacy directly into the performance. As time unfolds this is processed through power manifestated relations, bodies.

I am Yours an invitation, that seeks to transgress without offending too blantly or better an offense using seduction as a means to perceive other perceptions. Playing with physical discourse of sensuality/sexuality that exposes, using the display of the audience to bounce off from – super sexual heroes lie/sit/lean/witness on inflatable mattresses. Bridging that realm of intimacy and exhibitionism that lies in the unconciousness of our sexual bodies in behaviour with one another and our surroundings.

credits: Udo


The State of Things | Vânia Rovisco & Maria F. Scaroni (2010 – 2011)

the state of creature feature retouched

Artists Statements

The State of Things is a shared research, a live work station or live performance event, a progressive encounter, conceived, curated and performed by performing artists Vânia Rovisco (PT) and Maria F. Scaroni (IT). Though its specific concerns and themes, TSOT, aspires to be a condition to create. It is a womb, a place to transform matter, space and time through the body’s non-linear and reiterated invasion. Every live event holds a new potential, open to other media, artists, human and energetic resources, depending on the contexts and their peculiar sets of questions

The affairs or encounters, Rovisco and Scaroni return to, revolve around themes such as process, performance, presence, researching the territory falling between installation, and performance of the subject, and how it can become or be named as dance, or ritual/theatrical space. A relational perspective is what is interesting in the production/reception of the work of art itself. The generated material must be malleable to adjust to a variety of presentational or experiential modalities, affording diverse modes of visibility and fruition, from staged choreographies, to live art installation, to film. The performative events function mostly with duration and tend to provoke an affective response in the viewer, who is infected by the images generated in space, and can by reflection experience the exhaustion taken over by the performer’s presence.

Rovisco and Scaroni play and dis-play with several materials. The selection of the material used comes from the reflection upon live and non-live matter, inclusivity and the interest of laying out a fabric, a texture (TEXT) ever shifting, ranging from representation or objects to felt matter or phenomena, provoking the gaze of the visitors. The audience is therefore called in as witness, participant, voyeur or visitor. There is no clear distinction between genres. This work can be referred to as queer. The underlying statement is that the body is the medium and it is capable to source from dance and body practices, as well as from quotidian plays. The tactical (as referred to in De Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life) disposition is what is in focus, rather then a desire to affirm what is or isn’t dance, or performance art or visual art. The fields are open and unrestricted or this is what the Zeitgeist suggests.


Bridge on a Wall | Abraham Hurtado & Vânia Rovisco (2007 – …. )

Black hold 2009

2 performing artist with own aesthetics, asking different questions, share a common space since years. Both actively suggesting visions of investigation and process within process works or/and curatorial events. While seemingly differente are able to voice and project independently together.


Stupid Green | Jochen Arbeit & Vânia Rovisco (2006 – …. )

stupid green looking at people

Stupid Green devised by musician Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten) and performing artist Vânia Rovisco who since 2006 collaborate in as many diverse forms of presenting and conceiving music and performance in co-exististence.

When opportune, the invititaion and collaborate aspect is extended to others artists from various mediums – creating presentations centered around performance, sound atmospheres and setttings.

Various, diverse works have been presented over the years, everywhere!

A Stupid Art Project.

(important to mention for a moment artist Åsa Frankenberg composed the 3rd member of the stupid project).

credits: Paulo Melo | Martin Schultz