Helmut Plobest article 2010



Curated by Claudia Marion Stemberger

Invited artists

Video-Performance “… After He Left” by Athi-Patra Rugas

Live Installation “Wandering act of attachment” by Vânia Rovisco

Article link : COPUS | DIE NÄHE ALS FALLE by Helmut Plobest (in german)


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This blog began in 2010 however the intension was directed more for a personal practice on writing rather than presenting an overview of work. After 5 years of no or very little activity it has been reworked to give exposure to inner workings over the years.

O blog começou em 2010 com intenção mais direccionada para o exercício da prática da escrita mais do que dar a conhecer trabalhos. Depois de 5 anos de pouca actividade re-emerge como suporte para divulgar trabalho artístico que tem ocorrido ao longos dos anos.