Compositional Intertwined Act (2014)

was is always will be

Video immersive installation by which the viewer is led – through an off-centered movement, modulating an experience from what Vânia Rovisco defines as des-oriented time (potential space-time relations).

Ambiguity operated by a perceptual moving object must by implication determin other centered references, the consequence of which is the establishment of another temporality, drawn from the body moving and the coordinates of a memory that makes the real, presence which is the chronological (Aion), a space where the code runs to distortion (noise).

The perception of becoming. In a brief moment only disintegration is felt. And soon, the slow condensation of matter experienced subjectively.

Thanks and Recognition: Jochen Arbeit, Paulo Melo, Verónica Metello


no title of performance (2010)

“We are all heterosexual statistical or morally, homosexuals personally, whether we know it or not, and, finally, elementary or molecularly transexuals.”

Felix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze.fotografia (7)

1. What does it mean or could mean when a performer agrees to work without pay? What are the cultural powers or what is considered essential to be funded, supported, to be an artist? Artists, authors, performers appear to have a low market value, but yet continue to present their work in conditions that question the value considered by those who receive them.

2. The work also presents a reading of performative gender theory J. Butler (1990), proposing to explore the potential internal and external conflict of the body that makes relations and their velocities, multiple, conditioning towards a conflict between receiving and realizing, as function and operation, expression and affirmation.

3. untitled performance points, through the synthesis image-word, a state of things, this culture and bodies: what is accepted and established, which is vital and creative.

Thanks and Recognition: Andreia Kiez, Verónica Metello, Norbert Pape


Between space and places (2007)

Picture 4Video work by which the artist experiences and gives to trial different modes of body perception as a function of space and what is observed. It is the result of 10 hours of footage to be presented as part of a collaborative work with the Belgian artist Hans Demeulenare, namedNo Title but Layers. Initially devised to be projected on a ceiling, seeks to restrict the observer’s role of witness as live editor of what is being seen. In parallel, Vânia Rovisco conceived the object The Frame, a construction / mobile body in space which dimensions were 5mx6m.

Thanks and Recognition: Alexandre Azinheira, Verónica Metello

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