THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (2016) curated by Anna Wagner and Eike Wittrock invited various artists to propose works dealing within the concept of placing performance in a circus context.

INFLAMÁVEL directed by Meg Stuart

Performers: Márcio Canabarro and Vânia Rovisco

Set: Philippe Quesne

Sommerfest Kampnagel Hamburg, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Sophiensaela Berlin, Theatre Nanterre-Anandiers Paris, Schauspielhaus Munchen Munich.




Live Installation by Vânia Rovisco

mastercell (because we are many)

O Armário Lisbon



softcell collaboratores: Gonçalo C. Ferreira, Zé Luís C., Bruno Jordão, Manuel Sá Pessoa, Daniel Pizamiglio, Elisabete Reia, Mariana Nobre Vieira, Pedro Salvador, Agnes Saxicola, Andresa Soares, Raquel Melgue

Totem Grace

Collective Transformation Transformação Colectiva Disposition Disposição Willingness Vontade Proximity Próximidade Intimacy Intimidade Smooth Sounds Sons Suaves

03.04.2016, BREGAS, Lisbon